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Signal Boost: Kittehs! in Seattle!

Okay, so I'm copy-pasting this from my friend naamah_darling's LJ as I don't have the spoons to write up a post of my own. For those wondering and may remember, yes, the Grace in question is my ex... and what she's going through, no person should ever have to. We are fostering her other two kitties, Duke and Toaster, but there is no way we could take 4 with the number of cats we already have.

If anybody is able to foster or knows people that might be willing or can please get the word out... please, please, please do so. I know these cats, and they are very sweet, affectionate kitties.

Okey-dokey. Here's the deal.

My friend Grace (aka snowcoma) still desperately needs to find a long-term fosterer for her kitties. Their names are Little Owl and Edward-Cat. They are in Seattle.

Grace is in about the worst place a person can be in. She's currently homeless, and while she has a temporary place to stay while she gets back on her feet, her cats are being boarded -- extremely temporarily -- at a vet's office.

If nobody can take them, they'll go to the shelter. We all know how overloaded shelters everywhere are. We all know what happens to adult cats in shelters. I don't like putting it like that, but . . . yes. At the very least, they would be adopted by gods-know-who and she would never see them again. That's unacceptable to me. No. That's just unthinkable.

Grace . . . Grace is extremely bipolar, like me, and like me, she relies on her cats for emotional support. Being separated from them is bad enough. The prospect of having them put down and losing them forever just because life is shitty and crazy is shittier is absolutely horrific. Like, I've had nightmares about it level horrific.

These cats come with character references out the wazoo. Neutered, shots, etc. Get along together just fine. Basically, perfect cats.

Guys. That face.

What we need:

Help finding them a foster home, long-term would be best, but at this point, we are just trying to keep them out of kill shelters. Local to Seattle-ish would be best, but if necessary, maybe we could get them driven out somewhere else. Maybe folks could help arrange transport. Grace can be reached at: 503-568-6660. She keeps odd hours, so don't hesitate to leave voicemail.


Donations to help keep them boarded at the vet's. It's about $28 a day for both of them. If you can donate to this, please contact ashbet. Her email address is ashbet@gmail.com. Ashbet is an amazing person, by the way, and is why they are currently in a vet's being boarded, not in a shelter. So, thank you, babe.

I've posted about this before trying to get them a permanent place to stay, and the best we've got so far is this (very much appreciated) temporary boarding deal. We really need to make this happen. Mostly I just throw the cat halp stuff up here and say "f-list, f-list, do as you will." This time, we need to make the magic happen. I need signal boosts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Livejournal, and anywhere else you can boost it. I need a fucking miracle, Internet. I'm not just trying to help a friend, I'm trying to help keep a fellow lycanthrope from losing her heart, when she has lost just about everything else a person can lose.

Nobody deserves this. Nobody. Can we please make the world just this one tiny bit less cruel?

Here's the link again. Please spread it around.

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Nov. 29th, 2012 09:06 pm (UTC)
Right now, we're only using half of a very large house, so we have an entire downstairs basement area. We have five cats, so adding a couple more to the household temporarily shouldn't be too much of a strain, especially if food and/or litter and/or whatever special treats they need can be provided. I'll need to talk to housemates, though. And we live way the F out in the north end of north Seattle. But I'm going to see what I can do.
Nov. 30th, 2012 01:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I am pretty sure there are folks who are willing to provide transport for the animals if getting them there is an issue. It seems like there's a few folks who might be able to help so YAY. (Edward and Little Owl are awesome cats.)
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