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Copying this from a friend of mine. Heather, aka serawench, aka Divalia for folks who know her from WoW, is a dear friend of mine and in need of help. The following is the post she has made to Tumblr, with my edit for her PayPal address (with permission!) If anybody is able to toss a few bucks her way, or signal boost this further, that would be most helpful. Thank you guys. <3

My name is Heather. I’m 35 and live in Edmonton, AB with my brother and two cats, Rorschach and Helios. We have to move from our current home and almost any place we would like to look at (within our budget) requires $250 per pet, non refundable. This is a problem. I am on disability and my brother is self employed - add to that, we’ve just had TWO second hand cars (one we paid for, one was a gift) break down. We can’t afford an additional $500 to keep our family together. I have a paypal account, but I can set up a crowd funding account if this gets legs. If you have any advice, housing links or any questions, please drop a note in my ask box. [Edit: Heather's Paypal is sera.wench@gmail.com ]


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Jul. 20th, 2013 02:30 pm (UTC)
I'll post this to G+, where I have a pretty large number of eyes on it :)

Jul. 20th, 2013 03:27 pm (UTC)
Gave what I could, hope it helps! :3
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