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I'm re-posting this from [personal profile] stormerider, who is, yes, my ex, but we're on good terms. We are not in a good position to help overly much financially, unfortunately. I just applied for SNAP, and was able to get on that immediately, but I need some more information for the state disability cash benefits, so I am teh brokez. If you can toss a few bucks their way, awesome, if not, please boost the signal! Thank you, lovelies! <3

From [personal profile] stormerider @ Dreamwidth:

Permission to share granted (and welcomed!):


About me: I'm a 30ish disabled (severe arthritis, I'm on Cimzia amongst other meds) genderqueer sysadmin in the Olympia area.

So over the last few months, I broke up with my wife, and ended up moving out of the house that we were renting (from her in-laws). Nothing major, just the usual moving stress and breakup stress. We get along well.

I moved into a new apartment in downtown Olympia with my roommate Boo, who is going to college at nearby SPSCC. The commute from the new apartment to the college is negligible at best.

Fast forward a bit; I ended up losing my job through some boneheaded mistakes of my own. While I'm not trying to excuse the mistakes I made, I have a feeling that the medication I was on for the dental surgery (I had all my remaining top teeth yanked and replaced with a denture) and the medical marijuana I've been smoking for my arthritis pain helped contribute to that... lowering inhibitions and helping me forget key details I should have kept in mind, especially with the emotional rollercoaster I was on. It's still my responsibility the way things turned out, but there are reasons, even if they aren't excuses.

I'm going to be relocating, and living with a lovely transwoman. However, I still haven't gotten stuff from my old employer like my termination paperwork (which means no SNAP/food stamps until that comes through) and shipping containers so I can mail back the company property that I have (laptop, desk phone, mobile phone, router).

The new apartment also includes a $500 pet deposit (on top of a $300 roommate deposit), and I really can't function without my support kitty Ras. (She's not legally a therapy pet, but serves as one in many ways for me.) Any assistance with that would be greatly appreciated, further assistance will help me with a bigger buffer while I wait on SNAP and look for jobs and keep paying for my medications.

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