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In Darkness and Hope

Nonny Blackthorne :: Fantasy and Romance Author

Elial Shadowpine
18 March 1985
Hiya! I'm a trans* (genderfluid but feminine leaning; female pronouns, please), queer, disabled, mentally ill, secular pagan, techie goth writer chick.

I have been a published writer, but I am currently in the process of re-focusing. I'm taking Coursera and Code.org (and the like) courses in pursuit of a career in software development and eventually devops on the admin side.

NOTE: I am now filtering my journal. Please see my top-level post for friends request and to let me known which filters you would like to be on. By default, I place new people into the Life/General, Heath, and Writing filters. If you are interested in anything further, you need to let me know. Thanks!